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Welcome to my portfolio website of me, Edelin Jean-Philippe, aka EdelinJP. I make original content, while my works are dedicated to other franchises. I illustrate comics such as Jake and Super Smash Bros. Paradox.


Jake Logo


A daring hero named Jake, often accompanied by his allies, who battles against antagonist Dr. Omega's schemes.

Super Smash Bros. Paradox

Super Smash Bros. Paradox

A fan-made web comic series based of from the Super Smash Bros. franchise. It involves well known video game characters from Nintendo and other franchises. The characters are often be placed in unusual and wacky situations. Each comic is released subsequently in Newgrounds and DeviantArt. (Expect an appearance on Tumblr and Tapas!)

Johnny & Billy

The Mischief of Johnny & Billy

It consists a duo of mischievous teenagers Johnny and Billy, alongside their friends Jeff, Bob, and Sally, as they usually get themselves in trouble.

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